Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Intro..blah blah blah!

Hey y'all.. this is just a little intro for my very first blog.. :)

Very excited as to what's to come in the year 2010~ Not exactly sure WHAT.. actually.. NO idea whatsoever, but I'm very excited! I've always been one for new and exciting things and I believe this next year is going to be one of them!

First of all.. My name is Kristen, (just in case you aren't one of my family members or a friend that's taking pity and reading my blog, lol!) I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.. the year 2009 has been a roller coaster of a year for me.. from separation from a 10 year marriage, to moving out of state away from my two beautiful kids to heal (which I will take FULL advantage of explaining "my side of the story in this).. This is, in part, a way for me to "blog my way to healing" per say, and in the same, a way of tracking that process with no holding back. In that, I also hope to help anyone who is going through the same as I am and vice versa.. If you see what I'm going through, have gone through it or something similar, and may have some advice to what you did to heal and cope, by all means share! :)

BUT.. let me warn you.. this blog will be "NSFJ"..haha! That would be "Not suitable for Judgers".. so if you are one who is quick to Judge, don't even bother to follow this blog.. move along.. this isn't for you! Lord knows we have too much of that these days. Think of this as a safe place to heal, restore, and grow.. getting to know yourself through my victories and my defeats (and we all KNOW there are going to be some!)

SO.. On that note! I may chime in a couple times before the new year starts, just to get in the swing of things and "give a little background of the blogger"..

Also, let me warn you.. I, by no means, am a 'writer', so don't be disappointed if you read through this and notice grammatical errors and what not.. I'll do my best to not bore you either..

Have a safe and Merry CHRISTmas and talk to you next year!

Kristen Ann

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  1. I do hope writing it all out helps you heal! You can find my healing pages @ flipflopmama . wordpress . com take out the spaces. lol