Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why is it so hard for us to come to Him?

James 4:8
Come to God, and He will come to you..

Ok. WHY, WHY, WHY is this so hard for us to do??

To those who know me well, know that the past year I have been all over the map in my life. Spiritually, emotionally, and even physically.. A real roller coaster of a year. Between illnesses, emotional battles that I battle each and every day, and the spiritual warfare that was being fought within..

This past year, I really put God on the back burner and did what I wanted to do, against any advice from family or close friends. I'll even admit to the few times that I said I was done with God.. Not that I didn't believe in Him, because I knew I did, but because I just didn't want Him in my life or the guilt associated with not walking with Him. And to be honest, I sort of blamed Him for things happening or not happening in my life. For the several heart breaks I had experienced, for the lack of money or enough hours at work to earn that money. Just any and everything..

But that wasn't working for me anymore.. What is it that Dr. Phil says? "How's that workin for ya?" Yeah.. not at all... I was even more miserable, angry, and lonely. I finally came to a point where I found myself on my knees, humbled, and saying.. 'Lord, I'm done fighting you and your will for my life!'

I came to Him! And like the promise of that verse, He came to me! The transformation that has taken place in my life since I did that, has been a complete 180! And it is so amazing! Doors opened for me to get back to my kids, friendships became deeper ones on a level that I can't say I've ever experienced in my life.. His Blessings were, and still are, overflowing because of my obedience!

Psalm 37:4 says "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart",,

And that is so true. After I took the step forward to come to Him, I did what this last verse tells us and I delighted myself in Him and you know what? He has give me those desires...according to His will..

I'm with my children, my life is on the upswing, I have things and people near me that I have wanted and needed my entire life.. all because I swallowed my pride and came to Him!

And like someone who has beaten the odds of a life threatening illness, Things are much sweeter! Much more appreciated.. Its not being taken for granted.. Im not saying its going to be easy or good all the time..That would be completely naive of me, but I know that I know that I know, as long as I stay obedient, take rightious steps and follow Christ, He will be there to get me through..

My hope and challenge today is that if you are struggling with your own pride, like I did, of coming to Him.. SWALLOW IT! It doesn't work...

Depend on Him, Delight in Him, Come to Him.. And He will do just as that verse says.. It's His promise to us..

That He will come to you....


  1. Awesome blog! I didn't realize you had one...love it. I'll come often.

    Oh and I have totally adopted Dr. Phil's phrase, "how's that workin' for ya." Psalm 37:4 is one of my faves.

    I can completely relate to swallowing pride lately. It's amazing how when you finally do swallow your pride, you make room for a MUCH better meal! ;-)

    Keep up the good work!